Jetson nano won't boot --> correction the video cable is bad

Cleaned up a bit of my original post to make it easier to read.

Issue: Jetson Nano B01 board won’t boot. Monitor says no signal detected.

Power: barrel jack 5v, can see green power led when I plug in the barrel plug so power is good. Jumper on J48 is applied
microSD card: reflashed from the image I downloaded on Dec26 so the image is recent. flashed SD card using Etcher per the guide.

What was done since getting the board:
following jetsonhack’s guide on booting from SSD, moved the OS from microSD card to my SSD. (

This was confirmed working across multiple reboots without the microSD card. When this boot issue happened I went back to my microSD card, again flashed with Etcher using the same guide and it still won’t boot.

I last shutdown the nano a few days ago via the ubuntu sudo shutdown command.

Then today when I tried to power on the nano board it won’t start.

After further testing it seems to be some sort of issue with either the display, or the monitor cable, or the SSD. Will have to test it some more. I switched to a different monitor when I noticed the heatsink is now a hotter then before and it is working on the new monitor.

Final edit:
it is a fing display cable or the monitor. Both are ancient. The board booted with the SSD and everything on the new monitor just fine.


Is it still an issue?

will test it a bit more, still curious if the manual shtudown command did something funky.

figured out the issue. I misread the SSD instructions from jetson hack. even though the nano is running from SSD, the SD card is still needed. You can NOT take out the SD card.