Jetson Orin IBIS model

We would like to do 10G XFI ethernet simulation on Jetson Orin. However, we found that the tx is IBIS-AMI model while the rx is IBIS model, which will make it difficult for our simulation engineer to run. Do you have any suggestions? or is there rx IBIS-AMI model available as well?

Hi, as said in the app note below:
UPHY PHYs use different TX and RX SI models:
 TX uses IBIS-AMI model
 RX uses only IBIS (non-AMI) model without the Equalizer (EQ) function.

(1) Does it mean there is no parameters to tune for UPHY RX?
(2) Our simulation engineer mentioned he can not mate TX with IBIS-AMI to RX with IBIS, do you have any suggestions?

Please refer to the app note: For PCIe RX validation, checking the frequency domain for channel loss is sufficient. Customers are recommended to keep RX routing the same as TX routing. Seasim tool is recommended since this is particularly designed for PCIe PCB and channel verification.

The Orin PCIe RX IBIS model only includes Cdie and Rload behavior, there is no EQ function. PCI-SIG Seasim tool is recommended for simulations.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, we can do the calculation from PCB data, like insertion loss db/inch.
What we are currently debugging is 10G XFI from Orin side to 10G SFI to ethernet switch, but we can not link up for now. The Orin design guide mentioned the PCB trace for 10G XFI is only 4 inch, so we want to try to check from the simulation side. Here comes my initial question.
Is there any suggestion we can mate IBIS-AMI tx to IBIS rx to check our channel eye?

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Hi, we have no other suggestion than the app note.

Can you share your schematic for check? The other design than those in DG is not supported.