Jetson Orin Industrial 32gb boot


I am trying to boot up the System but I don’t understand the log output… it reaches the kernel however it gets stuck on the last line

This is just the soc on a carrier board, I am using sdkmanager with jetpack 5.1.1 to flash

I would like to request assistance to understand the error, as well as get any pointers to solve it, I couldnt find anything in the documentation…

02 - Trazas arranque Jetson.txt (87.0 KB)

[ 59.859024] Please wait for auto system configuration setup to complete…

The first boot requires user to configure the user account over the GUI on the monitor.
If you don’t finish this, then UART will hang in this line.

This has been added years ago and almost every jetson platform has this.

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Unfortunately I do not have a way to connect the monitor, however I used the provided script to install with the in tools to create account and it works normally

thanks for the support

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