Jetson Orin Max Current

I’m looking to understend the typical/maximal current consumption from the HV and MV rails.
I saw in table 7-1 (maximun rating) in Orin AGX Dataseet that the max Currents on SYS_VIN_HV and SYS_VIN_MV are 5.4 and 6 respectivly.
when calculating the max power consumption with these values, it seems the HV rail consume up to 108W (at 20V) and the MV rail 30W (at 5V).
The Orin AGX maximal total power consumption declared is 50W.
Am I meesing somthing or thet the numbers doesn’t make sense?

I’m developing carrier board for the Orin AGX and trying to deside the maximun current rating for the DC2DCs for the power rails at 12V and 5V.
Is there any guide line for the power consumption needed from each rail?


The currents listed in the Data Sheet in Table 7-1 are the maximum currents allowed for that specific rail. However the max power for the module is limited based on thermal requirements, and your workload. We will release a Thermal Design Guide for Jetson AGX Orin, and more details on the nvpmodel closer to availability.

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