Jetson ORIN power consumption

When we looked up the power consumption of the Jetson ORIN, we found that the maximum power consumption was about 150W, but the actual specification was 60W. I want to know how much current should be given to HV (12V) and MV (5V) during design

IDDMAX is the max current of HV and MV that is not at same time. The max power is 60W. The custom design only needs to follow the IDDMAX for HV and MV.

HV IDDmax is 5.4A@20v,so the power is 108W >60W。
When we run at full load, will the power consumption of ORIN be greater than 60W?

No, 60W is the threshold of power mode for safety. The IDDMAX is for the board design reference.

HV IDDMAX is 5.4A for 20V。
Does it mean that when HV is 12V, IDDMAX is 9A


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