Jetson Orin Nano usb mic noise

Jetson Orin Nano developer kit, Jetpack 5.1.2-b104
I’m having hard time to figure out, where does my recording pick a really loud buzzing. Mic has been checked on another computer and is working fine.
The noise sounds like some internal disturbance. Is there some automatic power controls other than the wifi, which I already have set to be constantly on.
To me the noise sounds like all the unnumerous hw inputs on a jetson are active and rolling top gain this creating sound from all electric activity on the board. If so, how to disable everything else but the mic?
Currently all I can see in alsamixer is pcm and mic. Pcm is muted.

There is a type-C port on the developer kit. Please try the port to check if the issue is specific to type-A port, or it occurs with all USB ports on developer kit.

And it would be great if you can try latest Jetpack 5.1.3

Thanks for the input.
I upgraded to JetPack 5.1.3 and tested the USB-C port. No change in recordings.
Then moved the Jetson to a new location away from a set of various devices and appears I get clean recordings in a clean environment.

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