[?] Jetson TK1 "NVIDIA specific first-boot script" [FAILED]

[?] Jetson TK1 “NVIDIA specific first-boot script” [FAILED]

every time i boot up i keep seeing this!, even fresh restore, however, i got another Jetson TK1 stock and i dont see that problem!

how do i fix it?

I see this on mine as well. I’m not really sure it is an issue…it might just indicate whatever it does at first boot has already been done; this in turn might be something on the file system. Some first-boot type scripts just run some form of setup menu initially, and then never again. I am curious though, perhaps someone knows more about this?

It comes from nvfb.conf in /etc/init.

If the file /etc/nv/nvidiafirstboot exists, then it attempts to do some things to enable nvidia tegra egl symlinking (for hardfloat or softfloat, depending on the architecture), and then it rm’s the nvidiafirstboot file, so it doesn’t do it every time.

It would probably be safe to tell it not to start nvfb and you would no longer see the message.

I have the same problem, but file /etc/ncnvidiafirstboot doesn’t exist.

It’s completely harmless.
In the code of /etc/init/nvfb.conf, there is “stop” inside “if” section
and then exit $RET, that is non-zero, interpreted as failure
either change the return value or put an extra “exit 0” next to “stop”

should fix it, but remember that it is innocuous, and doesn’t affect any functionality