Jetson TX1 kit stop booting after update

I try to update my TX1 kit on JetPack-L4T-3.0-linux-x64, after first update i woudn’t see how system boot. Try to connect by UART but see normal masages only 1-2 seconds, after this see only some trash. Maybe I need to update BIOS? Because when I try update JAtpack, it freeze on moment of transfer system files. At ones I wait for two days, but nothing is changed! Try Ubuntu 14 and 16 64bit. What i may to do with it?
You may see info from terminal by link

There’s definitely something wrong there, but there is no BIOS in embedded hardware…all of the traditional “BIOS-like” functions are done in boot software, so any time you flash the operating system you are also flashing the equivalent of the BIOS (if you just updated the root file system you wouldn’t do this, but most everything you do will also update boot stages).

I’ll suggest you flash again, and be certain that your host has sufficient disk space before starting (it could take 25GB of host space).

I use disk 160G, and have 140G of free space on it.
But update the system always stoped on this moment (photo) I wayt for 1 day, try to update it 10 times. How i may to update it… i need to install only system. maybe i may boot it from SD card without changing boot file?

I see two different stages in the two pictures.

The first picture stage is when it is creating an image from the sample rootfs. If for some reason JetPack could not download the sample rootfs (a network issue), then this would occur (however, getting this far usually implies the sample rootfs was already there…if you see a lot of content in the “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” directory then you know this is not an issue).

The second picture stage has sent part of the content, but looks like it is blocked on other later content. If it happens that the content which is block is that content which is created from the previous rootfs sample, then this would make sense as a network download issue. The content in “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” is used to create “bootloader/systemg.img.raw” and “bootloader/system.img”.

Do you have a full file system in “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/”? Do you have file “bootloader/systemg.img.raw” and “bootloader/system.img”? If you have “bootloader/system.img.raw”, what is the exact byte size of that file?

Also, is this a VM? VMs tend to fail.