Jetson TX1 - ZED CAM to run in ROS

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to install ROS Wrapper for ZED CAM but I am not able to do it. I have tried multiple times and amongst many errors few are:

  • Firmware version not latest.
  • Configuration file cannot be found (I have it in the settings folder)

I have installed Jetpack 2.2 with Tegra 32bit configuration of ubuntu. (The aim is to run ROS. I was not able to install ROS with 64 bit configuration.) CUDA Drivers installed.
ROS indigo is installed.
ZED Cam sdk cloned and installed in catkin./
launching ROS wrapper for zed cam return errors. Are there some windows like tools to investigate further?

Any advice. I read somewhere that I will have to switch to Jetpack 2.1 to get ZED running. If so, then why the compatibility is not mentioned exclusively anywhere !

Thanks for the help.

Jetpack 2.1 is necessary for operation of ZED SDK v 1.1.0. In jetPack 2.2 won’t be guaranteed to work, I checked itself and in responses of technical support of ZED it sounded.

I had to revert to JP2.1 for exactly the same reason.

Having said that, I actually got ZED SDK v 1.1.0 to work on JP2.2.1 by renaming the settings file to SN-1.conf (because the ZED driver on JP2.2.1 always returns the serial number as -1), however tech-support warned me against this hack, so I decided to play it save by reverting back to JP2.1.

Stereo-labs tech support also told me that they aren’t planning on supporting 32bit solutions any more.

Spoke to Oliver at Stereolabs. He said they are working on the new version to go along with cuda 8. No update on how long yet.

Thank you all!..
You guys are right. I solved my problems and on my way I wrote a guide for newbies. I will see where I can post. It is 22 pages long with screen shots of every possible step.

Sorry for writing back late…

To summarize:

My targets were to install ROS and ZED CAM. To achieve this the only possibilities are following:

– 32 bit Ubuntu on JETSON TX1.
– SDK V1.1 from Stereolabs
– ROS Indigo, DESKTOP version.

64 bit may allow to run CUDA and ZED CAM but ROS will not be on your menu… To get everything right the recipe above shall be cooked…

Thanks guys…