Jetson TX2 Developers kit - not responding

I compiled some program on Jetson TX2 over night and probably when the compilation finished the Jetson TX2 fall asleep (or hibernated…I don’t know). The problem is that I can’t wake it up. The RESET button does not work, the Power button as well. If I unplug/plug the power cable it seems it is still sleeping. The power LED is still OFF (even if I pressed the power button of course), the SOC Enable LED is still ON…

Please help, how to wake it up?

Thank you.


It sounds like tx2 is dead… Is it okay to re-flash the board?

It is something I’d like to avoid but I have probably no choice… :-/

So I’m not able to put the TX2 into the Force Recovery Mode. I followed the instructions on this link, but no success.
I will describe exactly how it behaves:

  • When I plug in the power cable, only the CR5 LED (red) is on. The other LEDs are off.
  • When I press the power button, then the CR5 (red), SOC LED (green) and CR6 (red) are on.
  • Holding the power button (without pressing the S3) switches the SOC and CR6 LEDs off. The CR5 is on.
  • Trying to put the system into the Force Recovery Mode has no effect on the LEDs (CR5, SOC, CR6 are still on).

It is annoying that the CR2 LED (Power) is still off :-/

Without being able to reach recovery mode it can’t be flashed. On the other hand, it may be something on the carrier died instead of the module. If you had a second carrier you might be able to recover, but you’d still have to RMA. How valuable is the current data?

Luckily all the important data are on an external SD Card.

Thanks to all.

Hello @LairMan254,
I have the same problem you described in your jetson tx2. SOC, CR5, and CR6 LEDs light up, but CR2 LED is off. Did you resolve the issue?
In that case, help me with all the updates.