Jetson TX2 NX with A206 carrier board from Seeed Studios

I am unable to get a Jetson TX2 NX with to talk to my Ubuntu box. I have tried to get it to boot into recovery mode.
I cannot find it when using “lsUsb” nor can the SDK manager find it. I am using a stock install of ubuntu 20.04. This system has the blue power LED lit but nothing else on the A206 Carrier board from Seeed Studios. I have put a jumper on the FC REC pins while unplugged and plugged the unit in.

A206 carrier? From which vendor? (correct it)

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Please contact your vendor for help. We cannot guarantee the functionality of custom board. It could be either board issue, host side issue or even the usb cable issue.

If you have other jetson devices, you can flash it with same host and that will give more clear answer.

For example, if your usb cable and host are able to flash another jetson, then the problem is on that TX2-NX board only.

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Ok so I have a Nano(4GB) dev kit in building, That was able to connect and be found by the “lsusb” command and the SDK manager. While I had the TX2 NX apart from the Carrier I had it X-rayed to check for any defects. There was a solder bridge on the Carrier board near the USB connector. Along with a possible cold joint solder on the through hole breakout pins for the buttons.

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