Jetson TX2 unable to log in


I’m bringing up a Jetson TX2 module on the Connect Tech Orbitty carrier. I was able to flash the unit and set up an Ubuntu login, but when I try to log in, the display goes black for a few seconds before returning to the login screen. How can I get past this?


Hi rleeg3j7z,

Please be sure to flash with appropriate CTI L4T BSP, the it can be downloaded directly from Connect Tech here:

I had flashed with [L4T r32.3.1 – Jetpack 4.3] for Jetson TX2 from the Connect Tech website.

When I put the device in recovery mode to re-flash it, “lsusb” does not show it to be present. When I power up the device to the Ubuntu login screen, “lsusb” detects it, but flashing it still fails with

Error: probing the target board failed.
Make sure the target board is connected through
USB port and is in recovery mode.

Are you using a VM? VMs tend to fail passing through USB. Even if a VM initially detects the Jetson, then as USB disconnects and reconnects in a flash, the host to the VM tends to fail to pass USB through.

I am running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS natively.

Do the instructions for the Orbitty say this micro-USB port is also used for cloning? If so, and if the Jetson is in recovery mode, then it should “just work” so far as being able to flash using that port (incorrect software might lead to a Jetson which cannot boot on that board, but the actual flash procedure won’t care and should always work when in recovery mode and accessing that port). I’ve never used an Orbitty, so I have no way to confirm details.

I have the same problem, with the same hardware. I managed to flash Jetson by following instructions of the connectech. However, the problem persist. I searched for possible solutions and find some as follows:

  • Flashing the board as “sudo”
  • Opening terminal in the login screen by using "ctrl+F2 ". Then making XAuthority file belongs to the user instead of root (I couldn’t find any XAutthority file)
  • Change the login type from “Unity” to “Ubuntu” by using cogwheel in the login screen.

Although none of them worked for me, these may be helpful for you.

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I contacted connect tech support, and they said their Jetpack 4.3 BSP still has some bugs, and to revert to their Jetpack 4.2.2 BSP for now.

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