Jetson xavier booting error on jetpack < 5.0.1

I have two same jetson xavier nx.
I set one to jetpack 4.6.1 last year, and the other set to jetpack 5.0.2 recently.
And I’m going to change jetpack version to 4.6.1 using different sd card.
But error is occurred when bootting xavier as shown in the video below.
Could you tell me what the problem is?

You cannot change version between jp4 and jp5 by just changing sdcard image. You need to use sdkmanager to flash. Otherwise the bootloader is not compatible to each other.

Thank you for your reply!

I tried to install jetpack on xavier using sdkmanager as you said.

But I can’t conneted xavier.

Is there anything I should do to make connect xavier?
Should I change xavier to FR mode?

Please refer to Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

Hi, I already read that doc, and connected with 5pin usb cable to host machine.
But it didn’t auto-selected in Target Hardware.

That’s why I asked you that I couldn’t connected xavier.
Could you tell me more detail about setting xavier?

You need to put the xaiver nx into the recovery mode.

The detection of your jetson device on sdkmanager would only happens in 2 situation

  1. When the board is in recovery mode

  2. When the (jetson) system boots into kernel and you have the micro usb cable connected between it and your host.

If you don’t know how to put board into rcm, please refer to the devkit user guide in the download center.

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