Jetson Xavier devices purchased having error, hang on the flash screen along with the card detection issue

Hi, we have 3 pieces of Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX (900-83668-0000-000) with problems. These are the following problems

1.hang on the flashing screen (s/n ending: 3487)
2.error on flash screen (s/n ending: 3465)
3.could not detect card (s/n ending: 3483)

May I know how can we proceed to return or exchange for new pieces.
Thank You

Can you tell more detail?

What is the method you use to “flash”? Are you flashing the sdcard image? Or you are using sdkmanager to flash?

The engineer used ubuntu to flash. If you need more details i will have to check with the engineers.

How about you just let the engineer to reply the forum?

This looks like your setup problem, not the module.

Pretty sure this was not set up problem as we flashed multiple cards before and after. All worked fine except these 3

This picture is from another card that doesnt work


You should say you are using massflash tool. That is totally different. If you cannot tell, ask your engineer to reply the forum. We need the one who is actually doing the work to reply. It is also saving your own time.

Please try with or sdkmanager first.

Also, are you doing massflash on the sdcard module?

We will get back to you in 2 days as our engineer is on leave.

Also, this is jetson AGX forum but your question is for NX. Please file the topic in the right forum next time. I will help you move it this time.

This is for AGX Xavier.

This one is the correct one for NX.