Jetson Xavier NX randomly freezes and reboot


so my Jetson sometimes randomly freezes and then reboots. This usually happens when the CPU usage is at around 90%, while installing something for example.
Sometimes it even happens when it’s doing nothing.
Here’s the output of when it happened:

WARNING @ [platform/drivers/mailbox/tmo_link_provider/mail_tmo.c]: mail tmo TX timeout
ccplex_avfs_mail_dmce() mail_send_receive() return -23 (resp = 0)
avfs_clk_thermal_callback_work: nafll_cluster0: thermal index 2 set failed: -23

FATAL ERROR [FILE=platform/drivers/avfs/clk-avfs.c, ERR_UID=85]: AVFS thermal index control failure
worker@0x501c908c sp 0x50181ef8 stack: 501800cc - 50181ffc
call stack:
sp 0x50181ef8 pc 0x50002fd8
sp 0x50181f40 pc 0x50001d32
sp 0x50181f78 pc 0x50002b54
sp 0x50181f90 pc 0x5002f718
sp 0x50181fd8 pc 0x50046a30
sp 0x50181ff0 pc 0x5006a64a
sp 0x50181ff8 pc 0xaaaaaaaa
eht_idx_find: 0xaaaaaaaa not a valid code address
no eidx for 0xaaaaaaaa

Any ideas?

Which jetpack relese?

NV devkit or custom board?

How to reproduce this issue?

Jetpack 5.1.3

Custom Board from Seeedstudio

Unfortunately I don’t know how to reproduce this, like I said this happens randomly.
But when it happens, it’s usually while high CPU usage.

Do you have other Xavier NX device that can cross check? Or maybe flash jp5.1.2 and see if this issue is still there or not.

Such issue was not reported before. Need to clarify if hardware issue or coming from new jp5.1.3 software.

No I don’t have another deivce.

How can I flash jp5.1.2 without losing all my data?
Can I just use SDKManager for that?
Is it even possible?

To do the reflash will detelet old data on device.