Joint transforms made in property panel do not persist

I am trying to follow the ‘Assemble a Simple Robot’ tutorial: 1. Assemble a Simple Robot — Omniverse Robotics documentation
At step 1.3.5, I try and change ‘Local Rotation 1’ to -90.0. It seems to work, but then if I navigate away and back to that panel, the -90.0 resets 0.0. This occurs both when typing the input and dragging the slider. As a result, when I play the scene, the cylinder does not have the proper orientation.

what version of IsaacSim were you using? Can you make a short video of the issue please? We did recently fixed similar issue, would be good to confirm if the issue was fixed or not.

I’m using 2022.2.0. I restarted IsaacSim and it is now working properly. If it occurs again, I will capture a video.

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