LiDAR output from Samples

Hi all,

I have successfully managed to output .bin files from the lidar_sample_replay sample, and have managed to run
back through the lidar_sample_accumulator.

Is there a way of visualising these point cloud .bin files in other point cloud visualisation software? Or, if the .bin file is just a binarised version of the packets received from the LiDAR, is there a way to replay these so that they can be accumulated into a file format that can be read by point cloud software (.las, .pcd etc.)?




We will reply soon. Sorry for inconvenience.

Hi James,

Sorry to notify you that our binary file is raw ethernet packet for dw sample,so other viewers may not able to read it.

No problem, many thanks for the reply.


You can read the .bin data into the lidar_sample and extract the data from there.

Something like this:

Many thanks randtie, very useful.