lraw to pcd


I couldn’t find any method to convert lraw lidar data (.bin format) to .pcd format.
Is there a method for that?

Thanks in advance!

Hi uuresin,

No, you need to use our sample to dump dw lidar packet dwLidarPointXYZI to its own format. One example you could refer to is dw icp sample (under /usr/local/driveworks/samples/src/icp on your host system). It has an utility class which dumps the dwLidarPointXYZI to ply format. Thanks!

Hi Vick,

Thanks for your response,

Let me clarify one thing. I can only convert my lidar (velodyne vls-128)'s lraw data to ply format, is that true? I need pcd format thus do I need to convert ply format to pcd format?

You may need to refer to the sample for your owm implementation of pcf format conversion.