Lidar to camera calibration


I have some question about calibration tool of lidar to camera (or vice versa).
In driveworks docs, there are self camera calibration and lidar calibration tool each other but I can not find lidar to camera calibration tool or samples.

I wonder if there are not tools provided by Nvidia for finding extrintic parameter of ‘lidar to camera’

Hi pjhkb083gak9,

Please take a look at below “Rig Configuration Interface” section of “DriveWorks SDK Reference Documentation” and see if dwRig_getSensorToSensorTransformation() is what you’re looking for. Thanks!

Thanks to reply, VickNV!

I checked dwRig_getSensorToSensorTransformation() function in stereo camera calibration sample code.
(this function was used once (only one time)…in entire samples)

I can not clearly understand how to use that function and Rig Configuration Interface information.
It seems to that i should program it all from the scratch to use dwrig_getSensorToSensorTransformation().

But, I see a document,自动驾驶和高清制图的大脑.pdf

In this document, page 12, there are some gui tool for lidar and camera calibration.
Could I use this program? (There is any Gui tools provided by nvidia?)

Hi @pjhkb083gak9,

Please take a look at below docs for the information:

  • Stereo Calibration Sample at <DRIVE_SW_10.0_References directory>/DRIVE_Software/DRIVE_AV_doxy_files/dwx_stereo_calibration_sample.html.
  • dwRig_getSensorToSensorTransformation() at <DRIVE_SW_10.0_References directory>/DRIVE_Software/DRIVE_AV_doxy_files/group__rig__configuration__group.html#ga8801b085d53d7b31183494c4d658c805.

Hi @VickNV,

Let me summarize current situations,

  1. There is no GUI tools for interdifferential sensor-to-sensor calibration (i.e. lidar - camera)
  2. But it is possible to calibrate different sensors using some method used in dwx_stereo_calibration_sample

Is this right?

DriveWorks doesn’t support lidar to camera calibration and DRIVE Software doesn’t have no GUI tool for it. Either Lidar or camera self-calibration is with respect to the vehicle coordinate frame. Please refer to below docs related to your questions. Thanks!


Lidar Self-Calibration

Rig File Format

Lidar Calibration Sample

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We are working on a lidar calibration with regard to calibrated cameras but we don’t have it avaliable yet. Thanks!

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