Link to kinetic sculpture digital twin example source?

Would it be possible to get a link to the source code / files to the kinetic sculpture featured in the video below? It’s really cool and shows a lot of what Omniverse can do in a pretty isolated example.

I couldn’t find it in the PhysX source on github - maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot.


PhysX SDK is used here for the simulation purpose. The source USD file did have animation data stored in USD and individual meshes were simulated as SDF (signed distance field) collisions.
So in a sense the source for the simulation is the USD file itself, where it holds the animation information moving kinematic bodies and then a precise collision detection is done thanks to the SDF collisions.

So in a sense if you have a model with animation you can assign kinematic rigid bodies to the individual pieces that should be moved by animation and then add dynamic bodies to pieces that should move. Eventually you might want to restrict movement with physics joints.

We did not released this particular demo because of licensing, but we are planning to release similar demo for the upcoming release this month.