Linked objects prevent some linked textures to be exported

Hello, I’ll try to explain the situation:

  • I linked a collection called Collection from the House_interior.blend to BY_LC_102_shot_02.blend.
  • Instead of instancing, I link it directly to the scene.
  • In BY_LC_102_shot_02.blend, I moved some objects of the linked Collection to a local collection called BG.
  • I exclude Collection from the view layer (untick the collection).
  • I linked some materials from Ttotto.blend to BY_LC_102_shot_02.blend.
  • I import an alembic animation to BY_LC_102_shot_02.blend which uses the materials from Ttotto.blend for some models. The imported models are placed inside a local collection called import.
  • I move the models which use the materials from Ttotto.blend to another local collection called visible.
  • I exclude import from the view layer.

Exporting USD:

  • If BG is included in the view layer: textures which are used by the materials from Ttotto.blend won’t be exported.
  • If BG is excluded from the view layer: textures which are used by the materials from Ttotto.blend will be exported.

I can send the files to a developer privately.

Hello @user79641! I reached out to the dev team for help on your post. I will post back when I have more information!

Thank you!

I think I know why. The Omniverse exporter just adds .targa_raw after the texture path so it can’t be loaded.


I think that’s for TGA only. Some PNG textures still won’t get exported.

Hello, I’d be happy to look at this issue with you. Could you share the files with me?

Blender 3.2 alpha
Create 2022.1.5

I have a similar issue and I am not sure if it is related.
I have a selection of objects in a collection I would like to export to Omniverse and the textures don’t go along and attached.
My solution is.

  1. At the Export options menu to Restore Operator Defaults.
  2. Then adjust my preferences for example “selection only”

This seems to work and I have to do this every time I restart the Omniverse Launcher