Logitech F710 gamepad - xinput mode not working

I am trying to use a Logitech Gamepad F710 on a jetson TX2 on xinput mode. I did follow the following thread.


However my problem is slightly different.

The joystick isn’t recognized on startup. After I change the toggle from xinput to direct input on the joystick, the /dev/input/js0 file is created. If I change it back to xinput, the js0 file disappears.

The joystick works fine in direct input mode. Again, it is recognized only after I start up the jetson and toggle the button on the joystick to x and back to d.

On checking the /proc/config.gz file, CONFIG_LOGITECH_FF is set to y.

I require my joystick to work on xinput mode and has to be recognized on startup itself without me having to toggle it back to x and d again.

Would following the steps in the above link solve my problem as well? I would greatly appreciate any help on this.

Thank you!

It looks to be an issue for Windows systems also:

Please check with Logitech if they have drivers for running xinput on arm64 architecture.