Marbles RTX Information

I’ve been looking at the Marbles RTX files and I found in \marbles_rtx-2021.1.5_build\windows-x86_64\release\exts\omni.marbles.standalone\omni\marbles\standalone\scripts and
within the file contains options which are disabled.

The disabled options are:

1. self.tod_initialize_transition() to transition time to noon, evening and morning lighting.

2. DLSS settings

# self.settings.set("/rtx/post/aa/op", 3)
# self.settings.set("/rtx/post/dlss/perfQuality", 1)
# self.settings.set("/rtx/post/dlss/sharpness", 0.5)
# self.settings.set("/rtx/post/dlss/enableExposure", True)
# self.settings.set("/rtx/post/dlss/overrideExposure", False)
# self.settings.set("/rtx/post/dlss/exposure", 1)

Why were these options disabled? Please can you point me to the documentation showing the dlss options?

Thank you


Hello @EmilyB! Thanks for your question. I have asked the development team for an answer here. I will post back here shortly!

Hello @EmilyB. The dev team informed me that some of the features have been turned off for public builds for various reasons. One being that the features were customized to achieve the desired look of the game. If you would like to enable them, you can do that with code. Also, you can find DLSS parameters from the rendering control dialog.