Max ambient temperature for Orin AGX Dev Kit 60W, bad shutdown when hot

At what ambient temperature will the Orin Dev Kit start to throttle when running 50-60W? We had hard CPU crash at 48 C. There was no warning and throttling before shut down. This is not what thermal management is supposed to do.

Please refer to Orin TDG for temperature request, basically it depends on the thermal zone value, not on ambient temperature. Your case could be related to other factors like power consumption.

Thanks for the reply. I understand the dependence on power consumption, but the performance of the dev kit cooling system does necessarily depend on the ambient temperature. I would like to understand what testing Nvidia has done, or maybe others, of this relationship. We have been quite surprised to find the Orin shutting down even when the temperature is 48 C (118 Fahrenheit), which is not a very hot environment. Our use case is concentrating the power consumption in the GPU and I understand from the TDG that uneven use of the resources does make the peak temperature higher for a given power level.

Please advise.

Charlie Mann

No matter what the ambient temp is, if the Tsoc does not reach the threshold as listed in TDG, system won’t shutdown for high ambient temperature. You can use command line “tegrastats” to show the temp of CPU/GPU/SoC to get the real temperature value that is the control point of throttle or shutdown.

Please note, the devkit is for development in room temperature only, and should not be used in high/low temperature.

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