Maya script error Audio2face "Maya 2023" Metahuman

Hi I imported my metahuman with blendshape in maya
but after having correctly followed the tutorial by taking the script on Nucleus /blendshape_solve/script/, modified the path to open the .json.etc.etc in maya script I have this error which appears… do you have an idea of the problem knowing I don’t know anything about python. maybe a version problem? look error

edited my “”

with open(r’C:\tmp\a2f_to_maya.json’, “r”) as f:
facs_data = json.loads(
facsNames = facs_data[“facsNames”]
numPoses = facs_data[“numPoses”]
numFrames = facs_data[“numFrames”]
weightMat = facs_data[“weightMat”]
mc.playbackOptions(ast=0, min=0, max=numFrames-1, aet=numFrames-1)

namespace = ''
for fr in range(numFrames):
    weightMat_fr = weightMat[fr]
    for i in range(len(mh_ctl_list)):
        ctl_value = 0
        numInputs = (len(mh_ctl_list[i])-1) / 2
        for j in range(numInputs):
            poseIdx = facsNames.index(mh_ctl_list[i][j*2+1])
            ctl_value += weightMat[fr][poseIdx] * mh_ctl_list[i][j*2+2]
        mc.setKeyframe(namespace+mh_ctl_list[i][0], v=ctl_value, t=fr)

but same Error: NameError: file line 1: name ‘execfile’ is not defined

and in re install python 2.7, for fix the error of ‘execfile’ , and i have another error :
execfile (open(r’C:\tmp\’)
Error: unexpected EOF while parsing
please help.

and i Open simply the script
“” with open python, and have an error on line 84

please need help…

since I didn’t get an answer, I tested on a maya 2020 demo, and it works, but the problem is that I have a maya 2023 license and I would like it to work on this one without its pythons error. are you going to update the script? or is there a method to open it in maya 2023?

No help after 1 month…Impossible to use script in maya 2023 but its normal…

Unexpected EOF( End Of File ) while parsing is a syntax error which means the end of source code is reached even before all the blocks of code are completed. This happens in a number of situations in Python, such as:

  • Missing or unmatched parentheses.
  • Forget to enclose code inside a special statement.
  • Unfinished try statement.

To solve this error, first check to make sure that every if statement, for loop, while loop, try statement and function contains code. Second, check to make sure you close all the parenthesis in your code. Moreover, you can avoid this problem by keeping code neat and readable, making it easier to find and fix the problem whenever the error does occur.

script work on Maya 2020… but on maya 2023 i have this