i’m trying to use a jetson developer kit for multimedia, and would like to attach a remote to it, but the drivers/media/rc part of the kernel is not present, so i built it, but there is a bug on 4.9 which causes an ‘“urb status = -32”’ flood during boot (and no boot at all, in the end)
everything works if i connect the remote AFTER boot, but not if the nano starts with the ir controller connected, so my question is: is a kernel bump intended in the near future? the error is known and fixed in 4.13rc1, so no need for it to be a 5.x kernel

Users can build kernel by following the guidance

If there is patch set of fixing it on K4.9, please apply it and rebuild kernel.

ant that’s what i did, rebuilt the kernel following the guidances (sort of), but i can’t seem to find any patch set for K4.9, only for 4.13. I guess i could build a recent kernel, but would lose hardware acceleration, i guess
so, am i stuck with booying without remote and attaching it after boot?

For now we don’t have plan to move to K4.13. The default release is K4.9 and verified with SQA tests. It shall be more stable to run K4.9 + patches. Still recommend stay on K4.9 and search for patches.