Monitor flicker after GPU stress


after we put load on the GPU (72C+) the monitor image starts flickering. It continues even after the GPU load and temperature is back to normal. Looks like a driver problem to me.

Anyone else experiencing the same?


Hi Tobias, which power supply are you using? Is it capable of delivering a sustained 5V⎓4A current?

You mean the 4A5V for the 10W peak mode? :-)

Its labelled with 5A 25W. Therefore I assume it can deliver 4A@>4.75V. With all other PSU’s the board switched off. Not this one.

OK gotcha. Are you running a standard application that I could also try running to see if the issue is reproducible? Personally I haven’t seen this before with the GPU under sustained load at temperature, so wondering if we can replicate your setup. Also, what kind of monitor are you driving - HDMI or DisplayPort?

Are you able to try a Noctua NF-A4x20 5V PWM to isolate if it is related to the temperature as opposed to the processing load?

HDMI. But a temperature problem would fit to the observation. Thats why I already ordered the Noctua, which is arriving tomorrow. I keep you posted.

Can I create an image from the SD card? Problem is you would need 2 Basler Ace USB Cameras.

We are doing Cuda based Stereo 3D reconstruction and Deep Learning Object Detection. On the Xavier it’s running more than 20 FPS and on the Nano 3-5 FPS.

Cool segmentation! Does the instability occur when the cameras aren’t connected? i.e. if you are just processing blank/random input images or images from disk

Ok, I double checked again. Heat does not seem to cause the problem. The GPU gets to 85C and even for longer time on this level no flicker occurs. Therefore I have another suspect. Due to memory limitations I had to turn on swap. While I cannot consistently reproduce the flicker by enforcing the system to swap all events of flicker happened after the system swapped larger chunks of memory (Swap size is currently 2GB). Due to the unified memory it could be the system starts swapping parts of the screen buffer which could cause the effect.

I am facing flickering issue during normal working, can I know any detailed solution for this?