Monitor gets no signal after starting any game on gt 630 linux mint

My problem is:if i try to play ANY game i get a black screen(actually my monitor says there is no signal and turn off) and i keep listening to the music in the back ground, first i thought was a steam problem, because i can do anything(watch youtube and movies full screen and even play some browser games), without a problem with the nvidia driver except play games, but then i tried Strife i launched strife and got the black screen on the login screen! is not even full screen! but i can run the Strife updatemanager without any problem! But i can play many of the software central games smoothly.

I have a geforce gt 630(I am using a DVI to VGA adapter) and Ubuntu 14.04. I installed the nvidia driver using everyway possible, i tried addional drivers section, i tried using terminal but i still have the same problem, i also tried all the types of option that nvidia offers(binary, legacy, proprietary, open source blabla bla).

If i play using the nouveau driver the game runs normal, but i don’t the best perfomance if i would get using nvidia.

Please i really need help i been have trying everyway possible and looking all over google to find a solution:(

I’ve been getting this since the 337.19 drivers on Arch x64 / GTX 560 Ti as well, though in a different scenario.

Happens pretty randomly, simply browsing Wikipedia. The monitor just turns blank and soon tells me there’s no signal. Switching TTY or killing X doesn’t do a thing (R+E+I+S+U+B is the only option).

At first I thought it was some another weird Chrome/X/Gnome Shell/Lastpass combination issue.

Surttep, Please provide nvidia bug report. What game you are running? Did you made any settings in game or Os? Please provide issue reproduction steps step-by-step.