Monster Hunter World (and other games) presenting visual artifacts on Geforce GTX 1650 Ti Mobile

Since the upgrade from 515 drivers series to 525+, several games (most notably Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise) present visual artifacts such as flashing lights, vertex explosions and black textures, rendering this games unpleasant to play. I attach an image example and the Nvidia bug report.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (454.8 KB)

It may be related to VRAM allocation (I have no substantial proof of this, but similar threads like this point to that issue).

If needed I can provide more images portraying the visual artifacts from Monster Hunter World or Monster Hunter Rise.

Thanks for writing to us, it would be good if you can share repro and no repro video for reference.

Hello, thanks for your response. I’m sorry to replay so late, some things demanded my attention. Anyway, here’s a repro for Monster Hunter Rise using medium settings at 144 FPS cap. The latter is very important, as any other changes don’t seem to have real impact on making the artifacts appear. Capping FPS to 90 apparently eases the problem (no repro).


No repro