Motion Path does not work from USD Composer 2023.2.3

Hi, it looks motion path does not work from USD Composer 2023.2.3.
I tested both 2023.2.4 and 2023.2.5 and both have the same result.
This can be confirmed in several environments so I think this is not regarding

[How to reproduce]

  1. Create Cube
  2. Create BasicCurve
  3. Add Motion Path to Cube
  4. Assign created BasicCurve to Cube
  5. Curve is not assigned to Cube and we can confirm the error in Console


  • “import USD prim data” does not exist in Action Graph.
  • This occurs by 1.6.0.
    If we apply 1.5.1, we can confirm “import USD prim data” in Action Graph.
    But motion path itself does not work.
  • It looks “Ogn****” files do not exist in omni\graph\io\ogn.
    We can find these files in case of 1.5.1.
    But from Kit log file, we are unclear whether this is root cause or no because
    even if we copy these files into 1.6.0, import USD prim data is not shown in
    Action Graph.

Please confirm attached screen shot of file explorer.


Masahiro Suzuoki

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Let me confirm and get back to you.