Multiple Users on one computer

I am running launcher on a windows 10 computer. I am admin and added a user to the computer. When he logs in and runs launcher, it automatically launches with my login. He can’t logout of my account and use his.
Launcher is added to c:\Users\Public\Desktop.
Should I change the install location to be private?
Can I force Launcher to not automatically login with my account?
I am running enterprise.
Brad Carvey

Hello @bjcarve! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

You can also directly contact your Enterprise Representative for more assistance!

hello @bjcarve -
I will look into this. Will message you offline since i may need some info that should not be in public forum.

I was able to setup OV, so multiple users can have OV accounts on a single computer. They remote in and run launcher to access the Nucleus Server.
In my case setting up OV enterprise on a restricted network was a challenge. Most people don’t have graphic workstations, with decent RTX GPUs. Creating 4 workstations with 64 Gybtes of ram and 3090s is a way to let people experience OV enterprise, with minimal hassle.