MX Keys Mini pairing crashes JetPack 5.1.2

Hi when I try to pair MX Keys Mini, Bluetooth keyboard of Logitech to Orin Nano 8G via BlueMan it hangs for a minute then restarts. Though the keyboard was paired happily to Raspberry Pi 4, Jetson Nano 4G (+Intel WiFi module) and to my Samsung smartphone.

For information, do you use RTL8822CE or the intel module connecting to Key-E on Orin Nano developer kit? And it would be great if you can upgrade to Jetpack 5.1.2 and try.

Hi @vgrechin I used the logitech UBS unyfing receiver and worked from the start no glitches with both logitech MX Master 3 and logitech craft keyboard

Hi module I use with Jetson Nano 4G (which support discontinued) is
Intel 8265NGW Wireless-AC 8265 NGFF 802.11ac, E-key, purchased on ali
As for USB unifying receiver, @sergiosolorzano, let me warn anyone from following your advice, because MX Keys Mini doesn’t support it. Logitech now switched to LogiBolt technology, which is not supplied with the keyboard (although there is one with my MX Master 3S Mouse. So may try it but can’t use permanently).
Will leave message after trying it and Jetpack 5.1.2 on a separate SD card.

Hey @vgrechin I had the USB Unyfying receiver already so I didn’t have to buy new hardware. It works flawlessly for now with jetson orin nano on jetpack 6.0 , ubuntu 22.04. I didn’t try the bolt usb

Just wanted to emphasize that USB Unifying receiver and LogiBolt are different kind of receivers, incompatible. And no hardware supports them both. Anyway, crashing on pairing BT devices is something unusual, and I’m downloading 5.1.2 to check.

Yup, defo worth emphasising this @vgrechin: I happen to have a bolt lying at home and I could not get this same mouse and keyboard to work for the same jetson and its environment.

Updated JetPack to 5.1.2 and still encounter the crash. Only refreshed apt packages and installed blueman manager. Modified the title to new version.

Does the device require additional driver? Jetpack 5 is with Kernel 5.10. Probably certain configs have to be enabled for the device. You may try other bluetooth device, to clarify whether the failure is specific to the device.

On legacy Jetson Nano 4G it works without any additional drivers, but I’ll try to pair a Bluetooth handheld device.

Managed to pair my smartphone,

but these two devices - mouse and keyboard still crash entire JetPack 5.1.2

Sorry for the late response.
Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared?

It still an issue to support, but I’m waiting for JetPack 6 release to give it a try there

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