Nano doesn't boot just flashing screen

I got my jetson today from arrow electronics shipped in India I have tried everything thing all I’m getting is flashing screen my jetson won’t boot up please help me!!

Hi abhishek429998,

What adapter are you using?
The Jetson-Nano need 5V=2A, you can reference detail from here.

I actually found it the problem was with jetson low power supply over hdmi output, while using hdmi to vga converter the power wasn’t just suffice enough so I ended up making an active converter for that. PS yes I was using 5v 3A already.

FYI, VGA is not supported. The wire for monitor query does not exist on this, and only monitor query modes are supported. You might get lucky with a default mode.

Hi abhishek429998,

Yes, VGA is not supported.
Please connect HDMI or DP port to try again. Thanks!