Nano emmc module flashing fail

I plugged the emmc board into the development kit and tried to flash through SDK manager in Ubuntu.
There is a problem when enter the user ID and password of Nano’s ubuntu on Host PC’s sdk manager.
In the past, Nano’s Ubuntu used to work normally on the nano dev kit when it was flash. But now only the same message as the image below appears and Nano’s Ubuntu does not work.

So I had to stop flash because I couldn’t generate Nano’s ubuntu ID and password.

I have repaired SDK Manager’s files or restarted the development kit several times, but the same screen keeps repeating.
Is there a solution?

Those messages more or less look normal. The only one which might matter is the tegradc.1, but if an HDMI monitor is attached, then it would be tegradc.0 which matters. You’d need to attach a full serial console boot log to get any useful information. See:

Also, if you are talking about first boot account setup, then the R32.x releases should be giving you a chance to do this if flash completed correctly, but earlier releases had default name/pass. Can we verify which release you are flashing, and if you are looking for first boot setup (versus default name/pass)?

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