NANO SHUTDOWN_REQ pin Functionality

Per JETSON NANO | PRODUCT DESIGN GUIDE | 20190607 documentation (see highlighted portion of image below), it is stated that the SHUTDOWN_REQ* pin can be the result of “temperature, voltage, SW, or etc” events. Is there a list somewhere of the possible events/triggers? Trying to find more specifics on the pin, especially the “etc” portion of the statement.
We are trying to resolve a SHUTDOWN_REQ* event that doesn’t seem to correspond to temperature or voltage. It is possible it is due to SW or “etc” event, but unsure of all the “etc” events (ie timer or other) that may be trigger the shutdown request from the NANO.
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Here is the summary of the shutdown/reset behavior.

Software shutdown(by shutdown in UI or “sudo shutdown now”) → PMIC GPIO5 shutdown then also assert SHUTDOWN_REQ
Thermal overheat shutdown
VDD_IN power bad

The definition of power bad: recommended VDD_IN range in module datasheet: 4.75V ~ 5.25V which will not trigger shutdown of power bad.

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Just to confirm:
The source for SHUTDOWN REQ are:

  1. Software shutdown
  2. Thermal over-temperature
  3. Voltage out of range: 4.75V < VDD_IN < 5.25V

And the “etc” comment in the document is unnecessary. Is this correct?

4.75V < VDD_IN < 5.25V is recommended range which should be guaranteed on custom design. The threshold is about 4.1V to generate SHUTDOWN_REQ.

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“etc” is unnecessary, will be deleted.

Thanks for your help

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