New Jetson Nano not booting

I recently bought a Jetson Nano Developer Kit, I bought a Kingston 64gb microSD from a local store (100mb/s), I followed the setup instructions on this link:

My main operating system is macOS so I followed the step for this particular system. I used BalenaEtcher and downloaded the linux file from this same link I provided above. Everything went smoothly regarding the installation on the microSD at least according to BalenaEtcher, after this I connected my mouse + keyboard into the Jetson Nano and I also inserted the microSD into it, I used a samsung 5V-2A charger and after connecting it the LED turned on, i had it connected via DisplayPort to a 34" ultrawide monitor and the monitor never displayed anything, i tried this also on another 1080p BenQ monitor 27" and it didnt work, i connected it to my TV and it only showed the NVIDIA boot up logo, besides that nothing. [I also tried another samsung 5v-2A and it didnt change anything as well as trying an apple charger for ipad 5.1V-2.1A and same result].
Besides the BalenaEtcher installation I also tried the installation through the macOS terminal and it also worked, even displaying the available disks it showed that the microSD was partitioned as linux.
I must add that i realized that the LED would light up green for a few seconds and then it would shut off BUT my keyboard has a backlight and it would stay on even after the LED turned off.
My professor has another Jetson Nano (we both ordered it from the same place) and his didn’t have any issues, it boots up perfectly so we decided to use his microSD card as well as his battery (which he used to start his Jetson) on my jetson and it also didnt show any output on another display (projector).
Since I’ve seen the NVIDIA boot up logo we know for a fact that the HDMI port works, what could be causing this, a defective microSD port?


If you want a precise way to tell what is the board state, you can use this cable to dump the uart log.

Currently, I believe the only way you can tell whether this board is booting or not only relies on that monitor. And NVIDIA boot logo is from bootloader but the ubuntu desktop is from the linux kernel. The drivers are different. Showing NVIDIA logo does not 100% mean this monitor would work fine.

I also notice you said “connected via DisplayPort " but later you said " fact that the HDMI port works”, is it a typo or you are using a HDMI-DP converter here?

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