NGX Sample output frame is empty


We built and are trying to run the sample up for image super resolution (isr.exe)

we ran the command with

isr.exe --factor 2 --input test.png --output out.png

the resulting out.png is empty though (black frame).

no other errors were observed. We are running and RTX 3090 using driver 511.09


Same here! Compiled with VS 2019

Windows 11, 511.23-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-dch-whql

Is cuda toolkit/driver required?

Plus one here.
Windows 10 20H2
RTX 3070 Ti 511.23
VS 2017, tried suggested 10.0.10586 win10 sdk or retargeted to latest both output black images.

Having the same problem with windows 10. tried everything. installed Cuda toolkit, visual studio 2022, 2017, etc. couldn’t solve.


I’m having the same issue here, I have a 3080ti, newest drivers at the time of writing this, just getting black frames, I hope someone can help us out.

I am bringing this thread to the NGX team - hopefully someone will get back to us soon.
Thanks for your patience.

I have the same problem,
When i run ISR, i only get blank images.
The upscalling has been done because the 500x375 became 2000x1500

“isr.exe --input lowres.jpg --factor 4 --output hres.jpg”


Any update from the NGX team? It has been 4 month. I have the same issue here.

Is NGX even still supported at this point? The documentation states 430.64 as the newest driver version, that the SDK got tested with. However 430.64 doesn’t support RTX3000 series GPUs.


It’s been 4 months, can you tell us anything about this issue?

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Any news on this? Getting same issue…

All I see is black frame when using isr.exe as well.

Windows: 21H2
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
Driver version 516.94
Visual Studio 2022

Same here
RTX 3080

Is the NGX SDK being replaced by the DLSS SDK?
DLSS/include at main · NVIDIA/DLSS (
Because it seems you have more up-to-date files, the only problem is the lack of samples like the NGX SDK.

Hi, getting same black output issue here on drivers 527.56. Are there working samples anywhere?

The NGX samples appear to only work on Turing GPUs. I’m also getting a black image after swapping to an ampere GPU, the OS, drivers and everything else remaining the same.