NITO Files : Parity with Driveworks / DriveOS ISP Options?


I noticed that the NITO files used for each camera for Driveworks & DriveOS GMSL camera integrations contain both camera settings & ISP tuning settings, and are only able to be generated through separate engagements with Nvidia, relevant links & quotes:

“NVIDIA Image Tuning Object (NITO) is a binary file containing ISP settings, tuning, and characterization parameters for a specific camera module.”:

“NITO files need to be generated through a separate engagement process with Nvidia”:

I had a few questions:

  1. For all of the ISP tuning that is performed within the NITO file, is the equivalent ISP functionality exposed through basic DriveOS & DriveWorks SDK calls?
  2. Is it possible to perform the equivalent ISP functionality when provided with a raw image from a camera that is set in the NITO file? For example, imagine I have cameras from an Omnivision camera that were not captured with Driveworks NITO setup, in a raw format without ISP operations applied. Would I be able to perform the equivalent ISP operations on the raw image as were specified in the NITO file?

In short : Are we able to perform equivalent ISP operations on GMSL camera images without the camera plugged in?

Dear @ssimpson1,
Are we able to perform equivalent ISP operations on GMSL camera images without the camera plugged in?

Does that mean you record RAW from camera and just give RAW data to DW and wants to perform ISP operations later? If so, please check " RAW signals feed" section in DriveWorks SDK Reference: Camera if it helps.

Yes, we may record raw images from the camera, and then want to perform ISP operations later.

The linked document seems to instruct on how to capture the raw images, however, are there any instructions on how to feed these raw images back to the camera appropriate ISP process after capture using DriveWorks?

I’m seeing some note on the provided DriveWorks Software ISP module: DriveWorks SDK Reference: Software ISP Interface :

Currently, the pipeline supports RAW images from the following types of cameras:

Does this mean that only AR0231 cameras can utilize software ISP after being collected as RAW files?