NSight debugger hangs


My configuration:

Win 10 64bit, Visual Studio 2015, Cuda 8.0.44, NSight 5.2, drivers 375.70, GTX 1070
Intel HD-Graphics (on-board): connected to monitor
GTX 1070: headless
Project: cdpSimpleQuicksort_vs2015 from CUDA Samples

Everything seems to work fine but when I start CUDA debugging with a breakpoint set in device code the monitor establishes connection and then hangs. I can set breakpoints in device code but nothing else. When I stop debugging, the program ends correctly, module unloads etc.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Hi Stan,

I’m not sure the state of released Nisght 5.2 as we developed it with the old version of win10, but currently the cuda debugger of our internal build cannot work well with Pascal on win7 and latest win10 RS1, we are doing our best to fix it, hope the Nsight or Driver team can find out the solution soon.

Best Regards