NSight Visual Profiler Error - "Couldn't add counter"

When I try and profile my Cuda Application on my desktop using NSight Visual Profiler (5.0 or 5.1 RC1) using CUDA 7.5 all of my kernels get various “Couldn’t add counter: elasped_cycles” or others for Issue Efficency and all of the Memory Tests. I am running my program on a headless Titan (my display is off of a smaller GeForce). I have tried this in VS2013 and VS2015 - Debug / Release builds. Using latest Driver - 364.72

I can profile this successfully on my Laptop - Maxwell 970M with CUDA 7.5 & NSight VProf 5.1 RC1 - no issues.

When it does finish, many of the graphs and data tabs are not present.

Any ideas?

This seems to be a driver problem. I rolled back to 353.X version and it works fine with NSight Visual Studios Profiler 5.1 RC1 and CUDA 7.5. I will continue to roll forward drivers to see where it breaks.

Ok - it seems to first occur in the NVidia Display driver 364.51 version that came out on March 8th, 2016. The version prior to that (362.00) works fine. Can someone from NVidia please confirm this is a known issue and will be fixed?

Hi bkennedy,

It looks like a GPU and driver related issue, could you provide the GPU detail and app binary if there is no confidential content? It’s easy for us to reproduce this issue.