Nsight VSE installation fails

After some trouble installing CUDA for VS, I did a fresh VS 2022 Community Edition 17.10.3 install on my Windows 11 machine. Installing CUDA 12.5.1 fails on Nsight VSE component. Installing all other components but Nsight VSE works. CUDA installer offers no logs, so no additional information is available.

In order to try to work around the installer bug, I tried the stand-alone Nsight VSE installer nsight_visual_studio_edition-windows-x86_64-2024.2.1.24155_34374119.msi. This one also fails, but provides a more informative error message:

“Failed to open XMP file C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight\Vsip\1.0\Settings{3fec12f4-d17d-4eba-b217-4b58c3dec296}.nvsettings, system error: -2147024786”

The file is there and is readable by everyone.