Nucleus down

Could You please have a look into it?
I can see from another topic that many people are facing the same issue, like : The Nucleus service appears to be unresponsive - #6 by randy.frank

Nucleus is hanging all the time.
For someone starting to work on Omniverse for the first time is not a very good start, as nothing can be done without nucleus configuration.


+1 to this!!! IMO we need to be able to install nucleus from an sh script or something instead that through omniverse, otherwise any time this goes down we can no longer work. Also, being able to rollback updates would be a great feature!

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I’m having this problem as well. Can’t create new service.

Hello Everyone! We are having some technical issues and have had to suspend new installations of Audio2Face, Nucleus, and Cache. Please take a look at this post for the latest updates!

Latest Update! Nucleus Services have been restored. We are still experiencing difficulties with Cache & Audio2Face installations.

Update! Cache has installations have been restored. Please download / update to version 2022.1.0. Audio2Face is still down.