Nucleus Enterprise Server Connection

I entered the password I used for Omniverse Enterprise and it’s not working. It also doesn’t offer a “forgot password option”. When I want to recreate, it states that my email has already been used as expected. How can I reset my password?

I am on a 30 day evaluation phase of Omniverse Enterprise and I want to access DeepSearch in Create.

I changed my omniverse password for enterprise email and then I used the same password for connecting it doesn’t work. I checked this tutorial: Authentication and User Management — Omniverse Nucleus documentation I don’t see a notion of how to reset my password.

Suggestions: adding a “forgot username/password” under AUTHENTICATE GUI.

I already had an nvidia account and this email asked me to reset password which I proceed to. The email came after registering for Enterprise Omniverse Evaluation period as told in Omniverse Enterprise tutorial.

You’ll need to have the server admin reset your password. They will be able to send you a link that you must use within 24 hours.