Nvcsi controller -- Timing parameters configurations

Hi All,

As per mipi csi-2 D-Phy Spec, around 20 timing parameters are there.

In Nvcsi controller, we have registers for only 2 parameters, i.e. CLK_SETTLE and THS_SETTLE.

What about the other parameters? Whether Internal logic will take care of these parameters?


hello BalajiNP,

you’re right, there are only 2 registers to control sensor timing in the NVCSI controller.
please refer to NVCSI_PHY_0_NVCSI_CIL_A_CONTROL in the Tegra TRM for more details.

the others settings were related to sensor timing, which included in sensor device tree.
please check our reference camera device tree for example,


the “cil_settletime” is the configuration of THS_SETTLE, setting zero means auto calculation from NV’s low-level driver.