NVIDA Control Panel not accessible


we have a VMware Horizon environment with T4 GPUs. When I install the NVIDIA driver 537.13 (16.1), I can access the control panel in my Golden Image (Win 10 LTSC 21H2 Build 19044.3208).

BUT … users cannot access the control panel. It is not in the right click menu on the desktop nor in the control panel.

What’s wrong there?


Control Panel in Golden Image is visible and accessible. But not in Instant-Clone VDI Desktop as normal user.

For our environment (yours may be different) saving this as RegisterNvidiaControlPanel.ps1 and running as the user (not admin) in the session allows users to open control panel. Obviously you could script it to run for them if it solves your issue. Here is the command which you should verify has the correct version/path for your environment:

Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\NVIDIACorp.NVIDIAControlPanel_8.1.964.0_x64__56jybvy8sckqj\AppXManifest.xml”

To answer the “why” question from your original post, it’s likely because during optimization of the base image for use with Horizon clone, you may be using the vmware optimization tool, and under the common options there is a setting to disable store apps, which will disable this control panel app in the cloned image. The powershell command I provided just adds this app back for the user session. Like anything it is good to test in a test pool if possible and confirm that your environment works like mine.

Hello Glenn,

thank you very much for your answer and sorry for my late reply - I was on vacation.

You are absolutely right, it’s an Windows 10 LTSC golden image optimized by OSOT.

I use your Add-AppxPackage command now as a Logon-Task within DEM (Dynamic Environment Manager) to apply the command. It works perfectly without the user noticing anything.

Just one problem I still have: because we use non-persistant desktops with DEM I need to make agreement to the NVIDIA-Software License Agreement persistant. Until now I didn’t find a registry key or file in filesystem where the agreement is saved in the user-profile. I tried it with ProcMon but I didin’t find anything.
Do you know where the NVIDIA Control Panel saves the license agreement?

This is a proof of concept install for us, and we were given an evaluation license from NVIDIA. I’m using this site https://nvid.nvidia.com/ to setup and manage our license server and at this time I can see it has 42 leases which is how many vm’s I have running on that test server. The licensing stuff seems fairly well documented, there is a token you download so that the base image gets licensed and then consumes additional license for each vm with the vGPU installed (at least that is my novice understanding of how it works). Here’s licensing docs NVIDIA License System v3.1.0 - NVIDIA Docs

Note I am using the cloud license service not the deprecated DLS which I think is an on-prem license server

Good luck

Hi Glenn,

I don’t mean anything regarding NVIDIA Grid Licensing - we have paid licenses in our on-prem environment.

I mean the NVIDIA-Software License Agreement which pops up for users who want to open the control panel.


I’ll keep looking - I already have a guess where a flag is set. But thanks for your help.


Our end users don’t get that prompt. If you haven’t already, perhaps try opening and accepting in the base image before you optimize. I don’t remember any command line switches for accepting the eula although many software packages have something like that.



I have found the location. It’s in the HKCU tree:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\NVControlPanel2\Client]