Nvidia 370.23 @ Arch Linux

After update to this driver I am starting to observe consistently the following behavior.
When I start the computer, everything is working well.

I start for example Dota 2 (Steam) and it works pretty well.
The opposite situation occur, when I work on the desktop for few hours and after few hours I want to play a game. I can see massive performance drop (in any more demanding game, even in menus).
It is stuttering as something throttled the performance to 1%. Interestingly it is not just 2 state issue (works well, works bad). With increasing time it is simply worsening = FPS is going down.

Kernel: 4.7.2-1-ARCH
DE: KDE 5.7.4

I have tried to downgrade, but older nvidia driver does not work - just black screeen (probably it require older kernel as well).

Interestingly composition in the desktop is working well all the time. Also glxgears is giving same result all the time.

What can I do now?

Thank you

try , sometimes, kill the plasmashell

i have the same issue

plasmashell eats tons of VRam (yes, Video ram, see the nvidia-settings) when past the time in the desktop

for example (not now, because i have kill the plasmashell right now)

with kwin_x11 killed:

also with plasmashell killed:

Thank you!

That’s it!
It is really caused by a crappy plasmashell.
Where are the times of stable KDE4 and even KDE3.

So nvidia driver is OK!