NVIDIA Assets Read-only

I installed Nucleus in Omniverse Launcher(Individual version, not enterprise version). And then i was able to check that all NVIDIA Assets, Demos, Materials and Samples are read-only like below figure.

So i would like to ask if NVIDIA Assets ( Demos etc… ) are originally installed read-only.
Even if these were read-only, the Transform of individual objects in environment seemed editable.

Thank you !

Hi. Yes, the /NVIDIA assets is read-only. This folder is available in every Nucleus but points to the Cloud. Hence it is read-only. You can load these files in any Omniverse app and edit but you can only write/save it to your Nucleus on another location other than the /NVIDIA folder.

You can copy the Isaac Sim Assets from /NVIDIA/Assets/Isaac/2022.1/Isaac to /Isaac folder of you Nucleus. You may have to create the /Isaac folder first. Next, you can change the default assets to the new /Isaac folder. See 6. Setup FAQ — Omniverse Robotics documentation