NVIDIA Background Image Obstructing Camera

I have a video processing script that runs just fine when my user is logged into their desktop session. However what I’m attempting to do is set it up to run headlessly in a kiosk. The issue is when booting from a custom .desktop, the NVIDIA background image overlays the results, except for a small part in the top right corner. Can I perminately remove this, I think this would be possible, since I’m running the device off of boot from USB.

The $DISPLAY variable being fed into the docker container that’s doing the processing is being correctly set, and the container is able to correctly grab the host screen dimensions, I can also tell its correct because just the portion of the image is displayed correctly. I’m running JetPack 4.6, all background images and screen savers have been disabled, but since JetPack 4.5 QSPI-NOR is now on board maybe it’s getting that image from there, but again, my system is booting from USB. Here’s my custom config for xsession to run in kiosk mode:


[Desktop Entry]
Comment=My AI Camera Kiosk
Exec=/bin/bash /home/user/detect_people.sh



#Original Configs Below
#New Config

Check if removing png file called “NVIDIA_Login_Logo.png” under /usr/share/backgrounds.

Thank you, that does remove it, and my custom background displays as it starts and moves between running processes. However I could not get it to work with lightdm, but using OpenBox. There’s alot of custom configs in xsession that get shipped with Jetson. But to get it working on OpenBox, I first did the following to have OpenBox run the script:

touch ~/.config/openbox/autostart; nano autostart

Inside of the config file I added
/bin/bash /location/of/script/run_detector.sh

Then updated 50-nvidia.conf to


Then doing a reboot and the kiosk is working.

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