Nvidia denoiser, optix

Hi people! , I’m wondering if anyone could help me! I’m using 3ds Max with Corona Renderer, and I’m getting the attached ERROR Message when I’m trying to hit the Corona Interactive button.
I have asked the help of 3ds max customer support also the Corona Renderer customer support, but they were useless, all they did is sending me the same link which as per their suggestion, we (me and NVIDIA customer support team) have tried updating the driver to the latest and made NVIDIA GPU as preferred graphics processor to run the application but there is no change, still i’m having the same error messages…
Please help ASAP!!

Hi @noushig.soghomonian,

This is an OptiX developer forum, not third party application support. We cannot provide support for Corona as we have no access to their code or their team. You will almost certainly need to continue your conversation with Corona support, let them know their suggestion did not work, and patiently escalate the issue to someone who can help you. We have no way of knowing or of investigating what is wrong here.

In the slim off-chance that there is a basic driver or setup issue that we might be able to help with, please provide the details of your system: CPU, OS, GPU, and the two driver versions you’ve tried. Has this worked before, or are you trying to use Corona for the first time? If it worked before, you might try installing an older driver.

Aside from suggesting different drivers to try, there is very little we can do. It’s important for Corona to determine if there’s a bug or setup problem in their application and for them to contact us if they believe the problem is on our end. If that is the case, it will take some time to fix, but the most important step is for you to engage their support team.