NVIDIA DRIVE AGX API stream not supprted


I am running NVIDIA Nsight Compute 2019.3 on NVIDIA DRIVE AGX.
I wrote a simple kernel function that copied memory from one image buffer to another image buffer.
The application is working correctly and the new image is presented correctly.

I wanted to analyze the performance - so I ran NVIDIA Nsight Compute.
I succeeded pausing and seeing my kernel function on the API stream view - but its detail is “Error: Profiling is not supported on this device”


There are multiple DRIVE AGX systems, please let us know which exact one you use, and also which GPU your kernel is running on.

Are you using the version of Nsight Compute that was installed via the DRIVE SDK Manager, or using a different download?

In order to profile on DRIVE, you might need root privileges. Please check that you login as root when launching the ssh connection to the target. You can also use the nv-nsight-cu-cli command line interface that was deployed to the target to test if profiling from the command line works.